Bedardi Saiyaan

Bedardi Saiyaan is a Pakistani drama serial broadcast in 2017 on Geo Entertainment. It was directed by Mohsin Mirza, written by Jahanzaib Qamar, and stars Agha Ali, Sanam Chaudhry and Ghana Ali.


Bedardi Saiyaan captures the struggles of widowed women and their emotions. Sauliha Khatoon is one woman this drama serial revolves around— whose husband’s death leaves her with limited options for survival. She moves to her brother’s house along with a son and daughter but even seeking a favour from a blood relative comes with a price here. The downtrodden members of Sauliha Khatoon’s family face discouragement and taunts from her brother’s wife on a daily basis.


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    genre drama
    keywords cunning loot struggle trap widow
    publisher Geo Entertainment