Marina Puratchi

Marina Puratchi

Marina Puratchi is a 2019 Tamil drama film based on 2017 pro-jallikattu protests. The film stars Naveen Kumar and Shruti Reddy and is directed by MS Raj, who was a former associate to director Pandiraj. Al Rufian composed the music for the film while cinematography was handled by R. Velraj. The film has been honoured by the Norway Tamil Film Festival and Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (FETNA).


The film begins with Sukanya (Shruti Reddy) and Parthasarathy (Naveen) attending an interview for the post of a reporter in a private channel. When the interviewer feels that they do not know much about the history of jallikattu and the protests which took place, he gives them two weeks’ time to learn thoroughly about the bull-taming sport. The two aspiring reporters learn about the history and significance of jallikattu protest to secure a job in a private channel. The rest of the film is their presentation about jallikattu to the interview board.


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    director MS Raj
    editor Deepak
    genre drama
    musicBy Al Rufian
    producer Jesu Sundarraman
    productionCompany J Studios