Mela is a 1980 Malayalam-language Indian film directed by K. G. George, starring Raghu, Anjali Naidu, and Mammootty. This is one of the earliest films of Mammootty, he played a notable supporting role. This film is noted for starring the shortest actor (Raghu) as the protagonist and in a full-length character..


The protagonist, working as a clown in a circus in the town, comes to visit his village. He is looking for a bride. The heroine, a tall lady, gets charmed by the wealthiness (compared to the other citizens of the village) of the protagonist even though he is a dwarf. She assents to marriage. Married, they go to the town to join the circus camp.


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    director K. G. George
    editor Ravi
    genre drama
    keywords circus circus clown clown married moving in
    musicBy M. B. Sreenivasan
    producer Prabhakaran Saidu Muhammad VK Sidharthan
    productionCompany Visal Movies
    publisher Visal Movies