The Broadway Malady

The Broadway Malady is a 1933 short animated film distributed by Columbia Pictures, and stars Krazy Kat. The title is derived from the 1929 feature film The Broadway Melody, but the cartoon makes no references to the feature film.


At a subway station, Krazy tries to get a ride on a train. Before he could get aboard, numerous commuters come and quickly fill the carriages. By the time the commuters are in, Krazy is flat on his front. A station worker tries to help him by pushing those inside to make more space. As Krazy attempts to come in, he is overtaken by more outside commuters. The jam-packed train leaves the station.


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    contentLocation New York City
    director Manny Gould
    keywords jigsaw puzzle subway station
    musicBy Joe de Nat
    producer Charles Mintz
    productionCompany The Charles Mintz Studio
    publisher Columbia Pictures
    theme animated animated short cartoon short transport