Radar Patrol vs. Spy King

Radar Patrol vs. Spy King

Radar Patrol vs. Spy King is a 1949 12-chapter black-and-white spy film serial produced and distributed by Republic Pictures from an original, commissioned screenplay collaboratively written by Royal K. Cole, William Lively and Sol Shor. Kirk Alyn played the lead.


John Baroda, a neo-Nazi and his alter ego, The Spy King and his aide Nitra, are part of a sabotaging team for a vast defense system of radar stations along the US borders. Radar Defense Bureau operative Chris Calvert comes to the rescue of radar scientist, Joan Hughes, who has been kidnapped by Baroda's henchmen...


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    director Fred C. Brannon
    keywords alter ego kidnap rescue
    musicBy Stanley Wilson
    producer Franklin Adreon
    publisher Republic Pictures
    theme spy