Bronco: The Series

Bronco: The Series

Bronco: The Series (Spanish: Bronco: La serie), is a Spanish-language biographical television series produced by Turner Latin America, Plataforma, and Comarex. The series is based on the history of Regional Mexican band Bronco, and in turn is an adaptation of the book Cicatrices de un corazón Bronco by José Guadalupe Esparza. The series is premiered on 24 September 2019 on TNT Latin America, and 3 October 2019 via streaming services on Claro Video.


Four musicians who start from nothing, try to earn a place in a heartless industry overcoming discrimination and poverty to reach the top. There they discover that on the road to success they lost the most valuable: the reins of their lives and the love of their families. The group will have to go down from the top to try to recover it.


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    keywords on the road
    publisher TNT Latin America