Zatoichi: The Last

Zatoichi: The Last

is a 2010 samurai film directed by Junji Sakamoto and starring Shingo Katori in the role of Zatoichi.


The film starts with young Ichi's wife (Satomi Ishihara) being accidentally killed by Toraji (Sosuke Takaoka), the cowardly art-loving son of a yakuza boss. Following her death, Zatoichi (Shingo Katori) returns to his hometown where he hopes to resume a normal life under the guise of farming with his friend Ryuji (Takashi Sorimachi). Unfortunately, the same group of yakuza plans to change Zatoichi's hometown into a harbor and begin exploiting local peasants for money. Ryuji's land deeds are taken and ransomed at a high price, so Zatoichi uses his gambling skills to win money for the deeds. This unveils his identity, so the yakuza burn down his house. The villagers draft a Tanran scroll to present to a passing official asking for assistance. Having Zatoichi in the village would not work in their favor, however, so the villagers devise a plan to dispose of him. They give him a blank scroll to "deliver" to the officials and lead him on a dangerous path into the yakuza. He eventually realizes it is the wrong path and makes it to the officials. The betrayal is revealed when he shows the blank scroll to the officials, who are insulted and subsequently leave. Zatoichi takes responsibility for getting rid of the yakuza onto himself, so he goes to the yakuza headquarters and kills the boss. In the end, he is shot by Toraji and stabbed by one of the yakuza minions. Crawling on hands and feet, he goes to the beach where he presumably dies and reunites with his wife in the next life.

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    director Junji Sakamoto
    editor Tomoko Hiruta
    keywords bos end farm film star gamble kill pass sosuke takaoka stab
    musicBy Project Wago
    producer Chihiro Kameyama
    productionCompany Sedic International
    publisher Toho
    theme japanese yakuza