In Memoriam is the 1977 Spanish directorial debut of Enrique Brasó. The film is based on a story by the Argentine writer, Adolfo Bioy Casares. The film explores the thwarted romance between Julio (José Luis Gómez) and Paulina (Geraldine Chaplin). Brasó collaborated with Chaplin again, as a writer in In the City Without Limits (2002) and Oculto (2005). In Memoriam was released in Spain on 2 September 1977.


In pre-war Madrid, Julio, a shy writer fails to communicate his feelings towards Paulina, the woman he loves. She instead becomes involved with another writer who has no issue with communicating his feelings. A heartbroken Julio leaves Madrid for Cambridge but is shocked at what he discovers when he returns. The shocking truth is that Paulina has been dead for many years, murdered by her lover in a jealous rage after seeing Julio off on his journey to Cambridge.

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    contentLocation Madrid
    director Enrique Brasó
    editor Guillermo S. Maldonado
    genre drama romance
    keywords murder shock
    musicBy Luis Eduardo Aute
    producer Emiliano Piedra José Luis Borau