Délice Paloma

Délice Paloma is a 2007 French-Algerian film directed by Nadir Moknèche and starring Biyouna. It tells the story of Madame Aldjeria, her past life, her glory, her dream, and her downfall as queen of petty dealing, 'the mafieuse', against the backdrop of Algiers and the Algeria of Independence to today.


"You need a building permit? You are alone one evening? Call the national benefactress, Madame Aldjéria: she will arrange it. The one that was given the name of the country will stop at no scheming to survive in Algeria today. If they are pretty and not too scrupulous, recruits can make a career. The latest, Paloma, made a great effect, - especially on Riyadh, the son of Ms. Aldjéria. The re-sale of the Baths of Caracalla in Tipaza, the dream which was to allow the clan Aldjéria to change its life will be a scam too far."

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    contentLocation Algeria
    director Nadir Moknèche
    editor Ludo Troch
    genre drama
    keywords build even scheme the national tipaza
    musicBy Pierre Bastaroli
    producer Sunday Morning Productions
    publisher Les Films du Losange