So Long Mr. Chumps

So Long Mr. Chumps

So Long Mr. Chumps is a 1941 short subject directed by Jules White starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard). It is the 53rd entry in the series released by Columbia Pictures starring the comedians, who released 190 shorts for the studio between 1934 and 1959.


The Stooges are incompetent yet sincere street cleaners. Upon discovering a discarded envelope containing oil bonds, they dutifully return it to its rightful owner, B.O. Davis. Grateful for their integrity, Davis offers them a reward of five thousand dollars on the condition that they locate an honest individual possessing executive capabilities.

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    director Jules White
    editor Mel Thorsen
    genre comedy
    keywords discover lone wolf stooge street cleaners young woman
    producer Jules White
    publisher Columbia Pictures
    theme short slapstick