Ginger in the Morning

Ginger in the Morning

Ginger in the Morning is a 1974 American film, starring Sissy Spacek as a hitchhiker. It was only the third theatrical film for Spacek, and the first American film appearance of Fred Ward.


Joe, a middle-aged executive driving home from the airport, still smarting from a recent divorce, picks up Ginger, a much younger, pretty hitchhiker with a guitar and a suitcase full of poetry books. Ginger speaks her mind and has a tender, joyful spirit. She is going to Colorado Springs, so Joe pretends he's going to Denver, when he actually lives in Santa Fe. When they need a place to stop over that night, they cannot find a motel room. Joe drives to his house, but pretends it belongs to a friend who is out of town and offered to let Joe use the house.