Yamirukka Bayamen   யாமிருக்க பயமேன்

Yamirukka Bayamen யாமிருக்க பயமேன்

Yamirukka Bayamen is a Tamil Mytho - Thriller soap opera that aired Monday through Thursday on Vijay TV from 22 February 2010 to 1 April 2011 at 7:30PM IST. The show starred Vadivukkarasi, Ajay Rathnam, Master Chanakya, Mahalakshmi and among others. It was director by Naga and Ramji.


The story of a problems between two families. Both the families, where the first one is headed by Indrani (Vadivukkarasi) and the other by Thinaikkaathaan, claim that the second statue of Lord Muruga as their asset since they're searching for it for generations. Inspector Vetrivel comes to Palani to investigate a murder. His friend suggests him that the murder must be related to the quest for the statue. Vetrivel doesn't believe saying that the story is just a rumor. But what happens next reveals a lot of secrets and miracles to him. Whether any of the family member manages to find the statue forms the rest of the plot.


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    director Naga
    genre drama thriller
    keywords palani search vadivukkarasi