Banning is a 1967 American Technicolor drama film directed by Ron Winston and starring Robert Wagner, Jill St. John, Gene Hackman, Guy Stockwell and James Farentino.


Mike McDermot is a rising golf star on the PGA Tour until he is accused of cheating. He supposedly has offered to split a winner's purse with a competitor, Jonathan Linus, if his opponent deliberately misses a final putt. In fact, the competitor is the one who approached him. McDermot refuses, so Jonathan Linus goes to another pro, Tommy Del Gaddo, whose glory days were behind him. Then they turn in McDermot, accusing him of their crime.

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    contentLocation Arizona
    director Ron Winston
    editor J. Terry Williams
    events golf
    genre drama
    keywords cheat drink golf club kill pga tour rich family win
    musicBy Quincy Jones
    producer Dick Berg
    productionCompany Universal Pictures
    publisher Universal Pictures