Kalayum Kaaminiyum

Kalayum Kaminiyum is a 1963 Indian Malayalam language film. E. J. Philip, popularly known by his pen name Kaanam E. J., was known for his social novels. Some of them were made into films. He wrote a few plays too. One of his short plays, Kalayum Changalayum, became very popular after it was published in a Malayalam weekly. P. Subramaniam came up with the screen version of this play under the title Kalayum Kaminiyum. The film was also directed by Subramaniam.


Geetha loves Ravi, an artist and renowned playwright. Geetha is the only daughter of his uncle. But Ravi is in love with his classmate Usha. As time goes by Ravi make a name for himself as a playwright. He marries Usha, which leaves Geetha heartbroken. But she does not reveal the reasons for her emotional setback.


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    director P. Subramaniam
    editor N. Gopalakrishnan
    genre social
    keywords family life married life
    musicBy M. B. Sreenivasan
    producer P. Subramaniam
    productionCompany Neela
    publisher Neela