Mirugam (English: Animal) is a 2007 Tamil erotic drama film written and directed by Samy and starring debutant Aadhi and Padmapriya in the lead roles.


The story is set in a village near Ramnad. Ayyanar (Aadhi) is a carefree villager who uses his muscle rather than his brains for any situation and behaves like an animal. He is a terror to the whole village as he is a womanizer, sleeps with sex workers, and rapes housewives. There is no woman in the village that he hasn't had an encounter with. He beats up anyone, including his mother. He makes a living through his bull, which he hires out for its stud services. During one of his visits to the local brothel, he has raped the queen sex worker Savithri but refuses to pay for her services. He sleeps with her multiple times and uses her in his sexual play. Once, he is seen playing cards on the outskirts of the neighboring village, when the wife of a player comes and scolds him. Ayyanar, smitten by the wife, wins all the bets and gets the player drunk. He takes him to his home, gives the player's kids stolen chicken curry to eat outside, and silently rapes the player's wife.