Mister Butler

Mister Butler

Mister Butler is a 2000 Indian Malayalam-language comedy-drama film scripted and directed by Sasi Shanker. It is a remake of the 1996 Tamil film Gopala Gopala. The film stars Dileep and Ruchita Prasad. The music was composed by Vidyasagar. Though failed to find audience initially later became sleeper hit due to positive word of mouth.


Gopalakrishnan (Dileep) a chef by profession, has to leave the village because of his friend's wrongdoings. He heads to the city and becomes a chef at a hotel after having his talents recognised at a carnival. The women there become close to Gopalakrishnan and the men there nickname him as "Krishna", their husbands get jealous of Gopalakrishnan.


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    director Sasi Shanker
    editor A. Sukumaran
    genre comedy-drama saga
    keywords baby dileep even married wrongdoing
    musicBy Vidyasagar
    producer K. Pradeep Kumar
    productionCompany Master Creations
    publisher Blue Moon Release Master Release