suggap Olsenbanden var ikke død Olsenbanden var ikke død Olsenbanden var ikke død (...But the Olsen Gang Wasn't Dead) is a 1984 Norwegian comedy-crime film, directed by Knut Bohwim. It is the last installment of the original Olsenbanden-films starring Opsahl, Holm, and Byhring. It was released on September 6, 1984.


The gang is residing on a luxury yacht in Monte Carlo in Monaco. They live rich lives and everything is happiness until their old friend, Biffen appears below their yacht with scuba gear. He climbs aboard when everybody is downstairs in the cabin and steals the suitcase containing the money. When Egon is about to pay for the luxuries, he discovers the money is gone, and cannot pay. Then, it is back to Botsfengselet in Oslo.