Sophia is a Russian historical drama television series about Sophia Palaiologina, Grand Duchess of Moscow. The film was directed by Aleksei Andrianov, and produced by film company "Moskino" with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia and Ministry of Defence of Russia.


Setting: the second half of the 15th century. The head of the Duchy of Moscow, Ivan III, accepts an offer from ambassadors to Rome to marry princess Zoe of the ancient Byzantine Palaiologos family. He sends voivode Khromoy and monetary master Ivan Fryazin to Rome, who bring Zoe to Moscow, where she takes a new name after rebaptism – Sophia. She does not meet the expectations of the Pope to expand the influence of the Catholic Church in Russia. The attempts to send emissaries with the aim of urging Sophia to follow the line of Rome and further killing her end in failure. The most notable moments of Ivan III's rule are shown, including: the war with Novgorod Republic, disagreement and later peace with Ivan's brothers (Boris and Andrey Bolshoy), victory over the Golden Horde, and also the opposition of Sophia to Elena, the wife of Ivan's elder son.