Shivalinga is a 2017 Indian Tamil-language mystery comedy horror film directed by P. Vasu, starring Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh and Vadivelu in the leading roles. A remake of Vasu's earlier 2016 Kannada film of the same name which starring Shivaraj Kumar, the project began production in July 2016. It was dubbed in Hindi as Kanchana Returns.


Raheem and his well-trained pigeon Saara are alone in a coach aboard a train when a blind man enters and reaches an open door. Raheem saves the man, but the man turns out to be an assassin and throws Raheem off the moving train to his death. Raheem's death is ruled a suicide, but Raheem's fiancée Sangeetha knows that Raheem had no reason to kill himself. The same night, Raheem appears in Sangeetha's dream and says that he was murdered. The following day, Raheem's case is forwarded to the CBCID at Sangeetha's request.