Naaummeedhu (English translation: Hopeless) is a 2001 Maldivian romantic film written and directed by Fathimath Nahula. Produced under Mapa, the film stars Reeko Moosa Manik, Yoosuf Shafeeu, Mariyam Nisha and Jamsheedha Ahmed in pivotal roles.


Ahmed Shifan (Yoosuf Shafeeu) confesses his love for his childhood friend, Zeyna (Mariyam Nisha) who politely declines his proposal as she is already engaged. Eight years later, Zeyna is happily married to Ayaz (Reeko Moosa Manik) and they are blessed with an adorable daughter, Enash (Mariyam Enash Sinan), whom she had named as per Shifan's request during the time he had confessed to her. Meanwhile, Shifan who is now a medical school graduate is still disheartened by the rejection and has remained single despite his father's attempts to set him up with other women. Eventually, he decides to give an honest attempt at trying to move on and agrees to date his father's friend's daughter Nathasha (Mariyam Nazima) who has fancied him for a while.