Hamlet, also known as Hamlet 2000, is a 2000 American drama film written and directed by Michael Almereyda, set in contemporary New York City, and based on the Shakespeare play of the same name. Ethan Hawke plays Hamlet as a film student, Kyle MacLachlan co-stars as Uncle Claudius, with Diane Venora as Gertrude, Liev Schreiber as Laertes, Julia Stiles as Ophelia, Steve Zahn as Rosencrantz, Bill Murray as Polonius, and Sam Shepard as Hamlet's father.

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    contentLocation New York City
    director Michael Almereyda
    editor Kristina Boden
    genre drama
    musicBy Carter Burwell
    producer Amy Hobby
    productionCompany double A Films
    publisher Miramax
    theme camcorder