Butch Camp

Butch Camp is a 1996 comedy film directed by Alessandro De Gaetano and starring Judy Tenuta, Paul Denniston, Jason Teresi, and Jordan Roberts. Filmed and set in Chicago, Illinois, it tells the story of a mild-mannered gay man who, tired of being pushed around by straights, enrolls in "Butch Camp," a program designed to turn wimpy gay men into assertive, confident gay men.


Matt Grabowski (Denniston) is a passive closeted gay man who works as a loan officer in a bank. He awakes one morning to find that his roommate has moved out, stealing all of his furniture. He's assigned a loan application for Mister Pickwick, an important client, and pressured to approve it despite the client not really qualifying. He's forced to take the client out to a stripper bar and after an uncomfortable time there, he's gay bashed on his way home. All of these incidents inspire Matt to sign up for "Butch Camp" to learn how to stand up for himself. Butch Camp is run by Samantha Rottweiler (Tenuta), a Teutonic lesbian who puts campers through a regimen of physical training, self-defense instruction and verbal abuse designed to toughen them up. Rottweiller characterizes straights as "the enemy" and under the theory "know thy enemy" requires campers to learn straight lingo (mostly slang terms for vaginas and sports terminology).