Sparrows Can't Sing

Sparrows Can't Sing

Sparrows Can't Sing is a 1963 British film. Based on a 1960 play, Sparrers Can't Sing, it was directed by Joan Littlewood and was from a story by Stephen Lewis. The producer was Donald Taylor and the original music by James Stevens, incidental music was composed by Stanley Black. The play, also by Stephen Lewis, was first performed at Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workshop in the Theatre Royal Stratford East.


Cockney sailor Charlie comes home from a long voyage to find his house razed and his wife Maggie missing. Actually, she's now living with bus driver Bert and has a new baby - whose parentage is in doubt. Charlie's friends won't tell him where Maggie is because he's well known to have a foul temper. But he finally finds her and, after a fierce row with Bert, they are reconciled.


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    contentLocation London
    director Joan Littlewood
    editor Oswald Hafenrichter
    genre comedy social
    keywords bus driver new baby
    musicBy James Stevens
    producer Donald Taylor
    publisher Elstree Distributors