Hebbuli is a 2017 Kannada action film directed by S. Krishna. The film features Sudeep and V. Ravichandran, who teamed up for the second time after Maanikya (2014). Amala Paul made her debut in Kannada cinema. P. Ravi Shankar, Kabir Duhan Singh and Ravi Kishan (also making his Kannada debut) play the antagonists.


The story begins with Captain Ram rescuing 3 doctors, including Dr. Nandini. Nandini falls in love with him, but does not express it. One night, Ram receives a letter stating that his brother IAS officer Sathyamurthy is dead. He arrives at Bangalore and takes the case himself, which had been dismissed as a suicide. He discusses this with Sathyamurthy's friend, ACP Prathap. He tells him about reopening the case. Ram feels it to be murder. He gets a clue that someone hanged his brother and finds the culprit to be Danny Kuttappa. He goes to his place in order to arrest him but Kuttappa escapes and is killed by a passing car driven by Kabir. In the house, Ram sketches a man's picture and a tattoo on the car. He asks Nandini about him finding him. Nandini finds him in a gym. Ram goes to his place with the help of Nandini and starts to chase him. He goes to a building and dies by falling off the building.

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    director Krishna
    editor Deepu S. Kumar
    genre action thriller
    keywords arrest build car park fall kill one night pass phone call record voice
    musicBy Arjun Janya
    producer Raghunath Umapathy Srinivas
    productionCompany SRV Productions Umapathy Films
    publisher Mysore Talkies
    theme masala