Sawan Aya Re

Sawan Aya Re (The Monsoon Has Come) is a 1949 Hindi romantic drama film, directed by Kishore Sahu. Produced by Sahu under his "Hindustan Chitra" banner, it had Khemchand Prakash as the music director. The cast included Kishore Sahu, Ramola Devi, David, Pratima Devi, Ramesh Gupta, Sofia and Mohana.


Anand (Kishore Sahu) lives in Nainital with his mother (Pratima Devi). They meet the Mathur family who have recently arrived there for holidays. The father wants to get his three daughters Asha, Sudha and Rama married and is hoping to find some suitable boys for them. When Asha and Anand meet they form a friendship, which is readily accepted by the two families who decide to get them married. However, Asha finds out that Anand and Sudha are in love with each other.

    More details

    director Kishore Sahu
    editor Kantilal B. Shukla
    genre drama
    keywords married three daughters
    musicBy Khemchand Prakash
    producer Kishore Sahu
    productionCompany Hindustan Chitra
    theme romantic drama