Aan Piranna Veedu

Aan Piranna Veedu is a Malayalam comedy drama film written and directed by K. P. Sunil. It stars Kailash and Aswathy Ashok in the lead roles, with Innocent, Vinaya Prasad and Suraj Venjaramoodu doing other pivotal roles.


The film is about the emotional bonding between a father and a son. Ramachandran (Innocent) and his wife had waited years for a child. So when Jithin (Kailash), his son, is born, Ramachandran spoils him rotten. Jithin's generosity is exploited by many including Albi, a music album director. Ramachandran helps his son to start a small business - a cosmetics shop. For Jithin, the shop is more of an opportunity to mingle with girls, than a business. He meets a young girl Priya there, and eventually falls in love with her. How she shapes Jithin's life forms the rest of the story.


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    director K. P. Sunil
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords bond innocent small business young girl
    musicBy M. Jayachandran
    producer C. Dilip Kumar
    productionCompany Kumar Productions