The Crown of Lies

The Crown of Lies

The Crown of Lies is a 1926 American silent romantic drama film directed by Dimitri Buchowetzki and starring Pola Negri. It was produced and financed by Famous Players–Lasky and distributed by Paramount Pictures.


As described in a film magazine review, Olga Kriga, a New York boarding house maid, is loved by John Knight, an automobile salesman, asks her to wed him. One day in a delicatessen, she is seen by a foreigner, who immediately hails her as "Queen." He tells her the faithful cabinet is waiting nearby. The foreigner is a servant of the former prime minister and he insists that she is the long lost ruler of Sylvania, a small European country. Olga decides to pose as that lost queen of Sylvania, and travels to that Balkan country accompanied by Knight. Count Mirko, knowing her return will cause usurper troubles, plans to make it appear beneficial to be rid of Olga. However, the people of the country acclaim her as queen and, after a revolt, put her on the throne. Happiness has been restored to Sylvania, but Olga decides that she no longer to pose as a royal and returns to New York with Knight.


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    contentLocation Europe
    director Dimitri Buchowetzki
    genre drama
    keywords boarding house prime minister wait
    producer Adolph Zukor Jesse Lasky
    publisher Paramount Pictures
    theme romantic drama