The Men in Her Life

The Men in Her Life

The Men in Her Life is a 1941 American period drama film directed by Gregory Ratoff and starring Loretta Young, Conrad Veidt, Dean Jagger, John Shepperd, Otto Kruger and Eugenie Leontovich. It is an adaptation of the 1932 novel Ballerina by the British writer Eleanor Smith. It was nominated for the 1941 Academy Award for Best Sound Recording (John P. Livadary), but lost to That Hamilton Woman. The sets were designed by the Russian-born art director Nicolai Remisoff.


A nineteenth-century circus performer becomes a celebrated dancer, but has trouble balancing her romantic and family aspirations with her career.

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    director Gregory Ratoff
    editor Francis D. Lyon
    genre drama historical romance
    keywords circus performer
    musicBy David Raksin
    nomination Academy Award for Best Sound
    producer Gregory Ratoff
    productionCompany Gregory Ratoff Productions
    publisher Columbia Pictures