Black Arrow

Black Arrow is a 1944 American Western Serial film directed by Lew Landers and starring Roberts Scott, Adele Jergens, Robert Williams and Kenneth MacDonald.


Buck Sherman and Jake Jackson, a couple of evil carpetbaggers, illegally enter a Navajo reservation to prospect for gold and end up killing Aranho, the Navajos' chief. Black Arrow, presumed to be Aranho's son, refuses to kill the Indian agent, Tom Whitney, in revenge, as demanded by Navajo law. Black Arrow is driven off the reservation for his reluctance to kill Whitney and decides to join forces with Pancho, Mary Brent and Whitney to track down the men who killed the chief (Sherman and Jackson).

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    director B. Reeves Eason Lew Landers
    editor Dwight Caldwell Earl Turner
    genre western
    keywords indian agent kill navajo track down
    musicBy Lee Zahler
    producer Rudolph Flothow
    productionCompany Columbia Pictures
    publisher Columbia Pictures