Buster is a 1988 British romantic crime comedy-drama based on events from the Great Train Robbery, starring Phil Collins and Julie Walters.


Buster Edwards (Phil Collins) is a petty criminal from the East End of 1963 London. His long-suffering wife June (Julie Walters) thinks of him as a lovable rogue. The film opens with Buster walking along his local high street. He breaks into a shop to steal a suit, into which he then changes to attend a funeral. Buster brings Harry (Michael Attwell), who has been used on other 'jobs' and has recently served 18 months in prison for his part in previous robberies, to discuss the next 'job' with the ring-leader Bruce Reynolds (Larry Lamb). Harry wants 'in' and becomes part of the firm who are planning to rob a Royal Mail train allegedly carrying up to £1 million in cash.