The Nightingale in the Mountains

The Nightingale in the Mountains (Spanish: El ruiseñor de las cumbres) is a 1958 Spanish musical film directed by Antonio del Amo and starring Joselito, Roberto Camardiel and Dolores Villaespesa. Written by Jaime Garcia-Herranz with the original title of Once upon a time there was a shepherd (Spanish: Era una vez un pastor) it is the last film of what was called the Nightingale trilogy, which included The Little Nightingale (Spanish: El Pequeño Ruiseñor) (1956) and The Song of the Nightingale (Spanish: Saeta del ruiseñor) (1957).

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    director Antonio del Amo
    editor Petra de Nieva
    musicBy Augusto Algueró
    producer Cesáreo González
    productionCompany Suevia Films
    publisher Suevia Films
    theme musical