Al-Kit Kat (Arabic: الكيت كات) is a 1991 Egyptian comedy that revolves around Sheikh Hosni, played by Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, a blind man living in the Al-Kit Kat neighborhood in Giza, Egypt. Sheikh Hosni lives with his mother and son and spends his days dreaming of riding a motorcycle and smoking Hashish. He does this to cope with his life as a blind man and the loss of his wife.


Sheikh Hosni, the film's main character and protagonist, lives with his son Youssef and his old mother following his wife's death. His son dreams of leaving Egypt to find work in Europe – and he plans to achieve this by convincing his father to sell the house – and he has an affair with a recently divorced woman named Fatima, who also lives in the Kit Kat neighborhood. Sheikh Hosni refuses to accept his blindness as a setback, and dreams of riding a motorcycle one day like any person would. To his son's dismay, he had already sold the house to a drug dealer. He spends most of his nights trying to forget his miserable reality with other residents of the Kit Kat neighborhood smoking hashish. He knows all the gossip of the neighborhood and its residents’ secrets. Ultimately, Sheikh Hosni is shown to be riding a Vespa in a crowded neighborhood.