Mr. Coconut

Mr. Coconut (Chinese: 合家歡; Pinyin: hé jiā huān) is a 1989 Hong Kong Chinese New Year film directed by Clifton Ko, it stars Michael Hui, Raymond Wong Pak-ming, Ricky Hui, Olivia Cheng and Joey Wong. The film ran in theaters from 21 January 1989 until 6 February 1989. The film depicts society's immigration problem, telling the cultural differences and contradictions between the lives of the mainlanders and Hong Kong people. The movie was a box office success.


The film centers around Ngan Kwai-Na (Michael Hui) who lives in Hainan Island, is used to the culture of villages and simple life that villagers have. One day, he gets a letter form his sister Ping (Olivia Cheng) and visits his sister in Hong Kong, as he endures the modern culture and the Hong Kong streets of the late 1980s.

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    director Clifton Ko
    editor Wong Yee-shun
    genre comedy
    keywords hainan island hong kong
    musicBy Richard Yuen
    producer Clifton Ko
    productionCompany Hui's Film Production Co., Ltd.
    theme slapstick