Insatiable is a classic pornographic movie released in 1980, at the close of the era of "porno chic" in the US. It starred Marilyn Chambers and was directed by Stu Segall (credited as "Godfrey Daniels"). It was followed by a 1984 sequel, Insatiable II, also directed by Daniels. The series was "enormously popular", and the first film was the top-selling adult video in the U.S. from 1980 to 1982.


Chambers plays the rich, happy and assertive fashion model Sandra Chase, whose sexual appetite is – per the title – insatiable. The film begins as it ends, with her masturbating. She has an old-fashioned aunt who appears in a series of flashbacks. The movie has little plot or storyline, and "only the barest minimum of real-world narrative conflict." It consists mainly of one sex scene after another with some filler sequences added to pad the runtime to feature-length movie standards. While one scene has Chambers' character overhearing her friend having sex, all the other "action" scenes features Chambers as an active participant.