Emaan is a 2011 Afghan action romance Drama film directed and produced by Haris Yosufi and starring Rasool Emaan, Tamana Amini and Ghafar Qutbyar. After much await and public demand, Emaan film was finally screened at Reading Cinemas in Australia. This is the first time an Afghan Film to be screened at a Cinema. Emaan - the winner of 2011 South Asian Film Festival (Canberra Australia) for Best Story and Best Film, where films like '3 Idiots' of India was also nominated and shown. The film's director and Producer Haris Yosufi resident of Australia he travelled to Afghanistan and spent six months shooting his film. He spent a further Five months in Australia for the post-production work. the film was released on 27 February 2011 in Afghanistan.


The film is based around the life of Emaan, a young, honest policeman who doesn't mind bending the rules to uphold justice. The story begins with the police investigating the rape and murder of a girl and soon after arresting the culprit. Emaans character, played by Rasool Emaan, is portrayed by the first sequence as a lonely, hardened man.