Bells of Rosarita

Bells of Rosarita is a 1945 American musical Western film starring Roy Rogers and directed by Frank McDonald.


Cowboy balladeer Roy Rogers meets Sue Farnum (Dale Evans), a girl returning from back East, who is cheated out of her inheritance by a greedy scoundrel and kidnapper named Ripley (Grant Withers). As if things weren't bad enough, Roy's friend, ranch-owner Gabby Whitaker (Gabby Hayes), has misplaced his title papers. Normally, this wouldn't matter, but since that villain, Ripley, files suit claiming ownership of the ranch, it does. Not only that, but he's got an air-tight case. Roy sets out to expose Ripley, win back Sue's money and locate Gabby's title papers.

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    director Frank McDonald
    editor Arthur Roberts
    genre western
    keywords claim
    musicBy Joseph Dubin
    producer Edward J. White
    publisher Republic Pictures
    theme musical