Mother's Meat and Freud's Flesh

Mother's Meat and Freud's Flesh is a Canadian comedy-drama cult film, released in 1984. The directorial debut of underground filmmaker Demetrios Estdelacropolis, it was made while he was a film student at Concordia University.


Inspired by the early trash films of John Waters, the film stars Estdelacropolis as Demira, a gay porn actor struggling with both his emotionally complicated relationship with his mother Esther (Esther Vargas) and his desire to break out of porn and into mainstream movies. He connects with a Freudian psychiatrist who is convinced that his homosexuality stems from an unresolved Oedipus complex which he has repressed by denying his natural attractions to women, to which the psychiatrist's proposed solution is to hypnotize Esther into believing that she is a man so that men will become the gender that sexually repulses Demira; in his career, he is ambivalent when the first "mainstream" role he is able to land is a gore film in which he will play the victim of a cannibal family for which Esther has also been cast as the mother.