Impromptu is a 1991 period drama film directed by James Lapine, written by Sarah Kernochan, produced by Daniel A. Sherkow and Stuart Oken, and starring Hugh Grant as Frédéric Chopin and Judy Davis as George Sand. It was shot entirely on location in France as a British production by an American company. Its main filming location was at the Chateau des Briottières outside of Angers, in the Loire Valley.


Since getting divorced, Baroness Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin (previously Baroness Dudevant, the successful and notorious writer of sensational romance novels), has lived under the pseudonym George Sand, in Paris, and dressing like a man. In her romantic pursuit of the sensitive Frédéric Chopin, whose music she fell in love with before meeting him, George/Aurora is advised that she must act like a man pursuing a woman, though also advised to avoid damaging Chopin's health by pursuing him. With this advice she is deterred by a fellow countrywoman (the mistress of Franz Liszt) the Countess Marie d'Agoult, acting like she is smitten with Chopin to prevent a relationship between Chopin and Sand.