SAS 181 antwortet nicht

SAS 181 antwortet nicht (English-language title: SAS 181 Does Not Reply) is an East German black-and-white film, directed by Carl Balhaus. It was released in 1959.


Kurt, a young apprentice in a fishing commune and a member of the Technology and Sport Association, enters a race to show his maritime skills. After he fails to win, he falls in love with a girl named Anke, but she loves the apprentice Hannes. Kurt and Hannes sail with skipper Laue on one of the collective's boats, SAS 181. Laue pretends to be Kurt's friend and encourages a conflict between the two boys. However, they both realize that he intends to reach the Danish isle of Bornholm and defect to the West. The two settle their differences and, with the help of the old fisherman Jens, return the boat home.

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    director Carl Balhaus
    editor Ilse Peters
    events Gesellschaft für Sport und Technik
    keywords bornholm fish west
    musicBy Helmut Nier
    producer Adolf Fischer
    productionCompany DEFA
    publisher Progress Film