Astu: So Be It (or simply Astu) is a 2015 Marathi film directed by the duo Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Suktankar and stars Mohan Agashe, Iravati Harshe, Milind Soman and Amruta Subhash in lead roles. The film is about Dr Chakrapani Shastri, a Sanskrit scholar who suffers from Alzheimer's disease and played by Agashe.


Dr. Chakrapani Shastri (Mohan Agashe), fondly known as Appa, is a retired Sanskrit professor and a former director of Oriental Research Institute, Pune. Shastri currently lives with Ram (Om Bhutkar), a young student as his caretaker, and has been diagnosed with the advanced stages of Alzheimer's disease. One day, as Ram has to appear for his exams, Shastri's elder daughter Ira (Iravati Harshe) takes Shastri to her house. While driving back home, Ira stops at a shop, requesting Shastri to stay in the car. While sitting in the car, Shastri sees a passing elephant on the road. He gets fascinated and with some help gets himself out of the car and starts following the elephant through the lanes of the city. When Ira comes back and finds her father missing from the car, she and her husband, Madhav (Milind Soman), starts looking for Shastri at various places and also reports him to the police station.