Dangerous Number

Dangerous Number

Dangerous Number is a 1937 American comedy film directed by Richard Thorpe and written by Carey Wilson. The film stars Robert Young, Ann Sothern, Reginald Owen, and Cora Witherspoon, and features Dean Jagger. The film was released on January 22, 1937, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


A clothing manufacturer, Hank (Robert Young) returns from a year in Japan, learning about a new formula for synthetic silk, to discover that his girlfriend Eleanor (Ann Sothern) is engaged to marry another man. Hank persuades her to jilt the new man at the altar.

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    director Richard Thorpe
    editor Blanche Sewell
    genre comedy
    keywords cab driver clothe end engage learn married
    musicBy David Snell
    producer Lou L. Ostrow
    productionCompany Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    publisher Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer