Heavy Metal is a 1981 Canadian-American adult animated sci-fi-fantasy film directed by Gerald Potterton, produced by Ivan Reitman and Leonard Mogel, who also was the publisher of Heavy Metal magazine, which was the basis for the film, and starring the voices of Rodger Bumpass, Jackie Burroughs, John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Don Francks, Martin Lavut, Marilyn Lightstone, Eugene Levy, Alice Playten, Harold Ramis, Percy Rodriguez, Susan Roman, Richard Romanus, August Schellenberg, John Vernon, and Zal Yanovsky. The screenplay was written by Daniel Goldberg and Len Blum.


Based on the comic of the same name by Dan O'Bannon and Thomas Warkentin.

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    director Gerald Potterton Jimmy Murakami
    events extraterrestrial life
    genre action adventure fantasy science fiction
    keywords al waxman android angus mckie arzach astronaut b-17 bomber begin black sabbath bleed blue öyster cult bomb break captain lincoln f. sternn captain sternn cedric smith cheap trick chevrolet corvette coal mine connect corvette cthulhu dan o\'bannon dead bodies den desk sergeant devo disintegrator don felder donald fagen douglas kenney end female reporter fly force george touliatos gibraltar grand funk railroad hang out harold whitaker harvey atkin heavy metal horrify jack stokes jean giraud jerry riggs jimmy t. murakami john coates john halas journey kill krzysztof penderecki land lawyer lightning lincoln f. sternn mavor moore meet meteor crash moebius move murder nazareth new york city nothing open arms orb pentagon percy rodriguez pink floyd queen bee raygun reach out riggs robot sex sammy hagar severed hand sex robot sleep space shuttle space station stevie nicks surround terrorize the character of the same name the long tomorrow the mob rules thor bishopric through being cool time trap door trust uhluhtc veteran of the psychic wars vlasta vrána warren munson warrior race working in the coal mine world war ii wound young woman
    musicBy Elmer Bernstein
    producer Ivan Reitman
    productionCompany Canadian Film Development Corporation Famous Players
    publisher Columbia Pictures
    theme animated anthology erotic film noir independent science fantasy science fiction adventure sexuality zombie