The Incident (also known as Asylum Blackout) is a 2011 horror film directed by Alexandre Courtes and written by S. Craig Zahler.


During 1989 in Washington, George (Rupert Evans), Max (Kenny Doughty) and Ricky (Joseph Kennedy) are in a band, but it is clear that the group is starting to fall apart. Ricky is unreliable, Max is immature and George is becoming distant as he builds a relationship with his girlfriend Lynn (Anna Skellern). In order to make ends meet, the three also work in the cafeteria of an asylum for the criminally insane along with William (Marcus Garvey). George is the head chef and puts effort into preparing high quality food and being courteous to the inmates. The inmates are generally docile due to the pills they take, but one inmate in particular named Harry Green (Richard Brake) creeps George out. One morning after a late-night rock show, an exhausted George has to come in early to work in a torrential downpour.