Good Luck is a 1996 American film directed by Richard LaBrie starring Gregory Hines and Vincent D'Onofrio as two physically disabled men who come together to challenge themselves out of their unsatisfactory lives.


Hines plays a former dental student, Bern Lemley, who had to quit school just before finals because of a car accident that left him in a wheelchair. D'Onofrio plays a former pro football player, Ole Olezniak, who was blinded in a freak accident on the field. Before their accidents, Bern had been a tutor for Ole, and, after quitting his post-accident job as a denture technician, he approaches Ole about teaming up to enter a white-water rafting race on Oregon's Rogue River.

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    director Richard LaBrie
    editor Neil Grieve
    keywords car accident freak accident rogue river
    musicBy Timothy Truman
    producer Andrzej Kamrowski Shirley Honickman Hahn
    productionCompany East-West Film Partners
    publisher Moki