Shore Acres

Shore Acres is a 1920 American drama film directed by Rex Ingram that was based on the stage play of the same name by James A. Herne. It was adapted from the play by Arthur J. Zellner.


A period newspaper gives the following description: "Shore Acres is a story of plain New England folk on the rock ribbed coast of Maine. Martin Berry, a stern old lighthouse keeper, forbids his spirited daughter Helen to speak to the man she loves! It is Martin's fondest hope that Helen will marry Josiah Blake, the village banker. Helen refuses to obey her father, and elopes with her sweetheart on the "Liddy Ann," a vessel bound down the coast. Her father learns of her departure, and insane with rage, he prevents his brother, Nathaniel, from lighting the beacon that will guide the vessel safely out through the rocks of the harbor. Desperately the two men battle together in the lighthouse—one to save the vessel, the other to destroy her. A sou'easter is raging, and during their struggle the "Liddy Ann" goes on the rocks and the passengers are left to the mercy of the storm. The scene fairly makes the nerves tingle with excitement. What befalls thereafter is thrillingly unfolded in this picturization of the greatest American play of the century. Shore Acres is a big human drama of thrills and heart throbs, replete with delicious humor and tender pathos."

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    director Rex Ingram
    editor Grant Whytock
    genre drama
    keywords human drama lighthouse keeper new england rock
    productionCompany Screen Classics Inc.
    publisher Metro Pictures