George Whites Scandals

George White's Scandals is a 1945 American film starring Joan Davis, Jack Haley, Phillip Terry, and Glenn Tryon. It features Haley's Wizard of Oz co-star Margaret Hamilton. This film included music by Edwin Finckel.


This Broadway revue is about two love affairs. The romance between the comedian Joan Mason and Jack Evans of Boston is easily disturbed by Jack's cynical sister, Clarabelle Evans, who is against their relationship. The romance between the wealthy British Jill Martin and Tom McGrath, the assistant to the impresario George White. Broadway is a love-hate relationship. Gene Krupa and his band, together with the virtuoso organist Ethel Smith, keep both couples dancing a lot.

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    director Felix E. Feist
    keywords disturb george white love affair
    publisher RKO Pictures
    theme dance musical