Periyar Islathai Ettrara ? Ethirthara ?

Periyar Islathai Ettrara ? Ethirthara ?

Periyar Islathai Ettrara ? Ethirthara ? is a 2013 Tamil documentary film, directed by Sibi Chander and produced by Ibrahim Kasim and Sengis Khan under the banner of Islamic Dawah & Research Center. Documentary brings lesser known information about the social reformer and rationalist Periyar E. V. Ramasamy attraction towards Islam. Leading role in the documentary was Periyardasan himself.


Periyar’s inclination towards Islam, starting from 1923 to 1973 and his beliefs on Islam a way to eradicate social discrimination are brought out in the documentary. The documentary consists of many important events of Periyar’s embrace of Islam. To a surprise, in 1923 when Periyar delivering a speech at Ernakulam and asked the socially downtrodden people who were attending the speech, to convert into Islam from the present religion, thousands of people converted very next moment. The sudden conversion, that gave immense strength to downtrodden, also brought violence. “Though Periyar has changed his stand in various issues at times, he has supported the principles of Islam continuously for 50 years”, says Periyardasan in this documentary. “Periyar opposed only the Gods created by man and not the God who created the mankind. In that way, he supported Islam, since, it is the religion that believes God created the man” he adds. The documentary discusses on various platforms such as what is the opinion of Periyar on zakat, how one’s caste discrimination will change if one changes from his religion to other, whether changing of religion affects the ‘Dravidian’ image, whether Periyar accepts Muhammed as a final prophet and finally, most importantly, whether Periyar shifted to Islam religion. Finally, the documentary also presents an important view of Periyar. At one point of time, Periyar said, even the religion Islam must be reformed according to changing times.


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    director Sibi Chander
    genre action social
    keywords changing times reform
    producer Ibrahim Kasim Sengis Khan
    theme documentary