Kein Ärger mit Cleopatra

Kein Ärger mit Cleopatra (English-language title: No Trouble with Cleopatra) is an East German comedy film, directed by Helmut Schneider. It was released in 1960.


The farm of the Kahlow family is struck by disaster: although it mated with neighbor Grossig's white swine, their white sow delivered black piglets, a sinister omen. The old Grandmother Kahlow interprets this as a sign from heaven not to join the nearby Agricultural Cooperative, although her grandson Claus - who wants to marry Grossig's daughter, Irma - wishes them to do so. Grossig supports her, and declares the piglets to be "unchristian", although the village priest resents that. But then, Father Melcior is also afflicted by the phenomenon: his sow, Cleopatra, delivers black piglets. He decides that the Old Kahlow is correct, and plans to start his own, Christian Cooperative, "with white pigs only". The villagers are very much upset. Wild rumors, fanned by superstition, take hold among them. In the Cooperative, the young animal breeder Inge discovers that Lubanski, the pig herder, secretly trained his black hog Brutus to sneak through fences, so he could mate with the farmers' sows. Lubanski, who greatly enjoyed the pandemonium, agrees to reveal the truth to the farmers. They all agree to join the Collective.