Puthukottyile Puthumanavalan

Puthukottyile Puthumanavalan is a 1995 Indian Malayalam-language comedy film written and directed by the Rafi-Mecartin duo (in their directorial debut). It stars Jayaram, Prem Kumar, and Annie, along with a supporting cast including Innocent, Jagathy Sreekumar, Janardanan, Captain Raju, Rajan P. Dev, Vinduja Menon, Spadikam George, Mala Aravindan, V. D. Rajappan, and Krishnakumar. The plot follows two incompetent Kadhaprasangam artists who receives a gig at Puthukottai, where they were treated extravagantly, but little did they knew they are inadvertently involving in the family feud between the Madassery and Palathara families.


Gireesh (Jayaram) and Satheesh (Prem Kumar) are friends who live in a city trying to make a living with their unsuccessful Kadhaprasangam troupe (story telling performance). They are mostly jobless and in their free time, they ogle at the girls in the hostel next door. The girls, in order to teach them a lesson, prank them into accepting a performance at their friend Geethu's (Annie) village.