Ippadikku En Kadhal

Ippadikku En Kadhal is a 2007 Indian Tamil romantic drama film directed by B. Kishore. The film features newcomers Ravi Kalyan and Thanuja in lead roles, with J. Livingston, Sethu Vinayagam, Ajay Rathnam, Kovai Senthil, S. Ramakrishnan, Balasubramanian, Chitti Babu, Ravi Shanth, Keerthana and Sabitha Anand playing supporting roles. The film, produced by A. S. Ravisankar, had musical score by Vimalraj and was released in 19 October 2007.


The film begins with Cheran (Ravi Kalyan), who hails from Coimbatore, joining a college in Chennai as a first-year student. Cheran is an orphan and a studious student, he stays in a hostel with his newly made friend (Ravi Shanth). His collegemate Madhavi (Thanuja), daughter of the businessman Chidambaram (S. Ramakrishnan), falls in love with Cheran but she is unable to declare her love. Vilvanathan (J. Livingston), the English professor, is a womanizer and blackmails the college girls to have sex with him. The next victim of Vilvanathan is none other than Madhavi and he tries to get rid of her lover Cheran.